Link roundup, 4/10/18

It’s another edition of “Stuff That I’ve Found Useful”:

  • Baggage Reclaim, one of my favorite blogs/podcasts, has a great list of “48 Ideas for Increasing Emotional Availability and Breaking Harmful Patterns.”  Some suggestions include “make people real and take them of the pedestals that you’ve put them on in your mind” (a big one for me, as I wrote about here) and “go on a social media diet.” Many of the suggestions have links to other great articles on the site.
  • If you want to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, check out the free online course at Palouse Mindfulness.
  • Coursera also just started a free course on “De-Mystifying Mindfulness.” 
  • Wondering how mindful you might be? I really enjoyed the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire, which rates you on observing, describing, acting with awareness, nonjudging of inner experience, and non-reactivity to inner experience. You can take it online here, or download the full form of the questionnaire here in PDF format. (My biggest shortcoming, which was not a huge surprise, was acting with awareness — I can be terribly distractable! Nonreactivity can also be an issue, as I sometimes get very caught up in my emotions and have trouble stepping back to observe them.)