Link roundup, 1/12/18

I’ve run across some great websites lately that have been helpful for me, and I thought I’d try to get in the habit of sharing them here occasionally. Some good ones:

  • Here’s Why I Keep Coming Back from Baggage Reclaim. This is written from the point of view of an ex who keeps popping back up in your life: “You keep thinking that we’re getting back together because you assume my intention is to get back together with you. You assume that in giving me the power to provide what you want, yet again, that I will come through. We get back together because I want the power and control back. That’s it. That’s the truth.”
  • The Monkey Trap from Teach the Soul. In some countries, allegedly, a trap can be made for monkeys by drilling a small hole in a gourd and placing a nut or piece of fruit inside it. The monkey grabs it, but the item is too large to pass through the hole. Rather than let go of its prize, the monkey will hold on for dear life, even until it’s captured. I don’t know if that is true, but I heartily with this: “If you’re going to find happiness in life, you need to examine what you hold. Take a close look at the tumblr_nsvd7bvk7F1u2h341o1_1280attachments in your life. Do you place more importance on things outside of yourself than on things inside you? The more important something is in your life, the more you become attached to it. If what you treasure is outside yourself — that is, other things or other people — then you risk being trapped by those bonds.”
  • One Year Wiser is a website and also a series of books; I recently found this one at my local bookstore and enjoy the illustrations and the inspirational text, which is primarily about Mindfulness.

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