A little update

The past week has been … wow. My little blog, which I just started as a place to journal and work through my own crap, had nearly 2,000 hits. I neither expected nor particularly wanted such an audience for anything I wrote here, but I am glad that my story has reached others and I hope has encouraged more women to come forward.

And no, I never received a reply from the Bishop Timothy Doherty of Lafayette, Indiana, which both saddens and angers me. The Catholic Church cannot afford to look less than 100 percent accountable and transparent when it comes to protecting its members.

Jonathan Ryan Weyer did text me last week to “apologize.” I found the apology to be primarily about how very difficult his life was now. I suggested that a better plan might be to publicly and very thoroughly apologize to the women he’d hurt, stay the hell out of their lives and then never do it again.

The following day, he posted a statement on his Facebook page, which was set to friends only and thus not actually visible to most, if any, of the women he targeted. He said he planned to leave it up for 24 hours, but it reportedly remained up for about 30 minutes.  You can read a copy of the statement here.

And, barring any major further developments, that’s all I plan to write on this topic.

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